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Fruits Of Dust is a real lifestyle blog by me, Ramsey Baker. Created as a way to capture and share my everyday life as a mama to twin girls Hattie & Hazel, wife to my other half, Ryan and encapsulate our journey together. I’ll share my love for motherhood, interior design, celebrations, travels abroad, and all things beautiful in between.

| The Name |

After accepting Christ in middle school, this life-long odyssey of knowing Him more has left its seeds and come to harvest so faithfully, for so many seasons. Here, I will record the abundance of His goodness despite my dusty walk.

Genesis 3:19: “for you are dust and dust you shall return”

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  1. Hello! We have a mutual friend, Chelsea Skaggs, who tried to connect us via IG a couple months back. I took a break from IG for a while so I didn’t see that she’d tagged us in something, but here I am now! Happy to meet another Westgate family! My husband, daughter, son and I live on S. Westmoor. Where do you and your family live? Maybe we can get together in person sometime! My email is kellisblinn@gmail.com – would love to hear from you!


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