The Twins Turn Two!

Can it be possible that these spunky free spirit twin girls of mine have grown another year older? The years are going fast while the days seem to stay long. Hattie and Hazel can, sometimes, be exhausting to put it lightly. They are curious, full of energy, ready to venture into the next scene (opposite directions) all the while not taking a notice to an adults warning cry. They have their own language that only they get to share in. They don’t share often but when they do it warms my soul. They love to “brush” their teeth and any warm day spent outside is their dream come true. Like their mama, they love the water and would permanently live in a pool if possible.

For their birthday we had close friends and family over to our house and HAD to have the theme of Mickey Mouse. The girls light up anytime Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on. They stop in their tracks to “sing” along to the theme song and wave their arms around like mad women. In Hattie and Hazel fashion the decor was pink and purple with a splash of mickey mouse added. We celebrated with their favorite foods, cupcakes, snow cones, bubbles and of course water works.










untitled-7120 copy

untitled-7121 copy





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