Quarter Update | Spring 2018

I missed a quarter. I think that will likely be a trend. Life has been busy over the last half of a year (whose isn’t)? Professionally, my husband started working on the Neuro critical care floor as a nurse and I transferred units and now work on a Medical ICU floor. Despite being a nurse for almost 8 years, this new role has left me feeling like a new nurse and going back to the fundamentals of understanding how the body works and how a disease process can take over. It is fascinating and revitalizing.

On another professional platform I started, Ramsey Baker Photography. My passion for photography began as my twin girls started growing far to fast; from the daily routine to the extra special milestone, I wanted to capture those fleeting moments. Everyday life is beautiful and often not captured. Photography, for me, is the way to freeze those moments and appreciate them when the rush of the day settles down. I’m not sure what my end goal would be for this new side business but I’m excited to see where it goes.

Personally, we’ve squeezed in two trips so far this year. One with the girls to Alabama, you can read more about that here. The second trip was to the Outer Banks for a dear friends wedding. We were lucky enough to leave the girls behind for that one. It was a nice little get away for me and Ryan. She had her wedding up the beach north of Corolla at a private house. Getting there was half the experience, you had to drive up the beach and on the way we saw the wild horses.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Hattie and Hazel. The real reason anyone reads these post. They are now, 23 months old. I guess after 24, thats when you stop referring to your “babies” age by months. Which also means they are not babies anymore but are toddlers. WHAT? Wait one moment while I go ugly cry. These babies have developed their own spoken language,-“twinese” as we call it. Hattie is our concrete thinker who likes structure. Hazel is our little free-spirit adventurer. Both of them love to be outside, flip through picture books, sing along to music (cue every Disney movie), play in cabinets, chase our cat Liv, help unload the dishwasher and light up when Mickey Mouse clubhouse comes on TV with their own synchronized waving hands to the theme song. Next month we will be celebrating their second birthday and it doesn’t seem possible.








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