2nd Annual Progressive Dinner

We had a progressive style dinner with all our friends for Valentines Day for the second year in a row. The general consensus is that we all want to see this happen every year till we are old. It’s really magical to live in community with people you do life with and although we know this is a season, we will relish in it as long as we can. In the words of one of the girls last night, “The most honest love- what better way to spend the holiday. Who else can say they have people like this? Its rare and beautiful.” xoxo

Appettizers were at the Goubeaux’s again. They made a party platter to die for, cheese fondue, and two cocktail choices.

Moving on to dinner again at the Britts. Steak, asparagus, mashed potatoes. Starting with a side salad and dinner role. The steaks were perfect one for a perfect cook but also largely in part to the delicious homemade compound butter to top the steak with.

This year to wrap up the night, desert was at the Thompsons. Last year we hosted at our house but this year for babysitting purposes we opted out. The Thompsons bought a new house and are moving in a couple weeks so it was the perfect last rally at their first Westgate home that holds so many memories for everyone who gathered together. I still offered to take on the challenge of providing food and made a chocolate raspberry bundt cake, chocolate covered strawberries and splurged with some port wine options. To keep the fun, I taped some balloons to the wall and made a backdrop for some fun Valentine pics.








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