My 30th Birthday

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My birthday falls on December 23rd and so as you can imagine, it is a busy time of year for everyone. This year I got lucky and a group of close friends found time to come celebrate with me at Rockmill Tavern for dinner and drinks. Ryans mom was nice enough to take the girls for the night and let us have a kid-free evening with our friends. The food and drink were just great but the company gave me all the warm feels and I truly felt celebrated.

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After dinner some of us who could… decided to keep this kid free time going and went back to Noah & Nicoles home. The agreement was to be productive for holiday to-do’s but keep up the fun atmosphere of celebrating friendship. So after doing a Christmas gift exchange, we sipped on egg nog, the men smoked tobacco from their new corn cob pipes, and Emily made her pie crusts needed for Christmas day.

Looking back at the last 30 years I have a sense of serenity about it all. God has moved me along in his journey and here I am a mother to twin girls, a wife to an amazing man, in community with the best of friends (some who have been around since my 12th year of life) and am privileged to work as an RN on a unit that I can say has been “home” for years.

Looking ahead at the next 30 years I feel a tad rushed but mostly feel excited. Ryan and I are in this together and it is exciting to dream up where we want life to go but smirk knowing God always has a plan made. We are in constant conversation about growing our family.. what our career goals are from here. I toss around the idea of working toward an NP while Ryan is set on CRNA. Do I want to commit more energy into photography? Ryan has completed 9 years in the army on the reserve side and we question all the time if the active military life could be a future for us. So many life changing events still to come and we feel like the world is ours.

30 has a sense of responsibility attached to it. Although inside I feel like a young girl trying to find her way in this world. So for now, as I dream of the next thirty I’ll keep working on the day to day grind with my goals for 2018.

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