Dehydrated Oranges

I am not going to typically be a go-to page for anything food related, but dehydrating oranges is so simple even I can share this step by step process. Thanks for asking for a how-to post Britt. Honestly the hardest part is getting even slices and the best part is the yummy smell through your house while you wait. I just use our oven, so go ahead and preheat to 200 degrees and lets get started. You want to keep your heat low so it doesn’t bake the oranges.


Step 1

Slice oranges. As mentioned above this is one of the harder parts. Try to make slices as thin and consistant as you can but don’t stress out about the size.. just know if they are thicker, it just means longer in the oven.


Step 2

Lay slices on baking sheets. I put mine on a cooling rack then on a baking sheet to help get the heat/drying effect to both sides of the slice. You can also just flip them half way through the cooking time.


Step 3

Now you wait… and wait… this can take hours and the thicker the slice the longer it’ll take.  Just peek at them after a couple hours and then every hour or more if you feel you are getting dry enough. Mine this year took 2.5 hours. Last year my slices were thicker and I used lower heat and it took 6 hours.


Step 4

NOW… use your oranges. This is the fun part. The oranges can be used in all sorts of ways. You can eat them (maybe sprinkle some sugar on the oranges before you start the dehydrating), use them as a garnish in cocktails, add them as flair to gift wrapping, string them into garland or make ornaments for the Christmas tree. The list goes on and on.



I hope this process works for you and you enjoy it. If you take the time to try this favorite Christmas tradition, share how you used your dehydrated oranges. I’m always interested in others creativity and would love to steal the ideas to use at home myself.

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