Christmas Traditions

December is a month of celebration. My husbands birthday, my birthday, the most important birth of time – Jesus Birthday, New Year’s Eve and last but not least our Anniversary. Whew. So.. it’s a busy month to say the least. Between all the excitement, Christmas really is the most special and all around the family favorite. It’s a time of tradition, fellowship and worship. The cool thing about marriage and building a family is combing traditions and making our own.

Photo Dec 06, 5 00 18 PM.jpg


A new tradition I started last year is making home-made dehydrated oranges. Last year I made garland out of the slices (pictured below) and yes they kept from last year. This year I decided to dress up the tree and made slices into ornaments. The smell of the oranges are sweet and cozy and it gives the home a touch of simplistic adornment.


One tradition that we plan to keep up as our own is going to a tree farm to get our Christmas tree. The fresh smell of pine is the best and the excess limbs off the bottom are perfect for bits of christmas decor. This year I used some of the branches to make a card holder. The girls loved running through the maze of trees and I loved the way the tree farm at sunset made for dreamy snapshots.




Another favorite tradition is Christmas morning breakfast. Ryans’ mom and my mom alike make a dessert like dish to start the morning. Ryan reminisced about cinnamon rolls and monkey bread when I asked about his own Christmas favorites. While I dreamed of my moms danish puff. Along with Christmas morning are the Christmas pajamas. I have to admit I enjoy this harmonizing tradition so much. Even if the parents and kids aren’t always matching it keeps everyone in sync. It’s one of those things we always did growing up and we will continue to do as are family grows too.




IMG_0374I love how the home feels around Christmas. So many things come to mind in this cold season that make it feel warm; Decorating the tree.., hanging the stockings… present exchanging… holiday meals… drinking hot coco… Christmas music… Christmas service… and the list goes on and on. As our babies grow and Christmas traditions keep fermenting I look forward to adding new things to enjoy. I’d love to hear some of your favorite Christmas traditions. Maybe we will adopt them as our own too.



5 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions

    1. Brittany, I really enjoyed gathering this list of traditions and the warm feels it brings up. I’d love to share a how-to post on dehydrated oranges. Thanks for inquiring.


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