Quarter Update – Fall 2017


I want to be able to look back and relive what our life was like in this stage of life. This stage consist of a lot of change. The twins are changing by the day. They are 17 months old today and not interested in using English. However they communicate, express and talk to each other just fine…  in their own language. They have said their first words. Hattie-“cat” (prob based on her obsession of our cat Liv) & Hazel- “baby”. Hattie uses the signs “more” and “please” like she is hungry all day long. More than I’d like to admit people have commented on how much these girls can eat. They like to chase each other around, get each other into laughing spells and are worried if the other is upset about something. They ALSO are starting to show territorial attitudes over toys, sippy cups and anything they find first. They love chasing the cat around and trying to climb on all furniture they shouldn’t. Hazel is particular about anything on her feet and the queen at fake laughing. Hattie is our problem solver and prefers to sit in baskets if its an option. They both refuse to wear bows or shoes long. For Halloween we hosted at our house and had the girls dress as bees, I was a flower and Ryan was the bee keeper.



Day times we are on our own a lot and I find myself frustrated when I opt not to do something with the girls because there are two of them. They are at the stage when they don’t like to be tied up in the stroller and want to venture around… opposite directions which leaves me running. A Lot. They still put things in their mouths they shouldn’t, don’t have a full grasp on safety cues and defiantly don’t listen to words, “stop”, “no” or “come here.” It doesn’t seem to bother them staying home. Maybe its the new mom in me? I notice I jump toward them in fear more than my mom friends who have gone through this stage already. Or maybe its the nurse in me who fears those worst case scenarios.




Outside of the kiddos, some other changes are Ryans career. He has been in the critical care fellowship now for over a month with over a month left to go. At the end of the 16 week fellowship he will be placed on a critical care unit for a full time job. There are a lot of unknowns revolving around this because it could be any number of hospitals (within OhioHealth), critical care units or shifts. We have our hopes set on being put back at Riverside on Night shift so our scheduling will go back to sharing the same work life: on occasion eating 1am lunch together and ride to and from work together.

I have picked up a hobby of doing some photography and really loving it. I’m doing some newborn and family pics for friends and doing styling shoots for my fellow blog pal over at Trodel for her blog and shop. Maybe someday I’ll feel like I know what I’m doing enough to do it more seriously.

Fall is going so fast. The girls little baby faces are just as fast. Trying to remember to value the now and not get caught up in the what’s next.



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