Traverse City | Michigan

To celebrate and distract my anxious husband, over the weekend we went to Traverse City, MI. The idea came from multiple accounts of hearing and seeing how great the town is from my favorite fellow blogger friend Britt. She and her husband know the ins and out of the best parts of Northern Michigan and because of a trip up there for their wedding, I too have gotten the itch to get away to Michigan as often as possible. Check out her blog and see her recent post on neighboring towns in Michigan to go explore.

I mentioned my husband was anxious. That could be a mild word for how it felt all weekend. He had taken his state nursing licenser test on Friday morning before we headed north and didn’t find out till Sunday morning that he had indeed passed and could finally take a deep breath and claim the credentials hard worked for, RN.

Traverse City (as with all of Michigan we have explored) did not disappoint. I would love to go back over and over and re-do the same things and keep unearthing more parts of that town. The trip overall was challenging and a big learning curve for us as a now family of four. Traveling with kids changes just about everything as compared to former kid free trips. We have traveled before but there were some major differences. One, they are older and now mobile. Two, lodging/accomidationis.

We didn’t do much planning ahead (we rarely do with travels). Chose a place on our travel bucket list and headed that way. En route, booked a hotel and had only packed one pack n play (we only own one). In case you didn’t know, we have two 15 month old girls. We got up there and enjoyed the new scenes and we all were ready for bed early. Heres where it got shaky. The girls, at home, fall asleep in separate cribs on their own. Well, as mentioned we only had one pack n play and one king bed. So we tried putting them both in the pack-n-play. That lasted about 12 seconds. Then tried one in bed and before we knew it, they were both in bed between us. Everyone slept through the night but it wasn’t sound/solid sleep like if there hadn’t been two babies laying in between my husband and I on the forefront of my mind. Lessoned learned. Have two separate sleeping grounds for them and if possible in a separate room for them to not be distracted by ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that can be a distraction in a new setting. I hope sharing these challenges and learning curves helps anyone struggling with similar situations, you are not alone.


We started our Saturday morning hiking at Sleeping Bears Dunes National Lakeshore. Again, a carrier for both girls may have been more practical but we only had one. So we hiked as far as the path would let us with a stroller. It didn’t disappoint, we got to a look out that was breath taking and worth the short uphill hike with a stroller. We then headed to the near by shoreline and let the girls (and Ryan) play in the park. Next was the most anticipated stop. Per recommendation from Britt, we headed into town for lunch and drinks at The Little Fleet. If we lived close by, we would spend many afternoons in this hip food truck/ bar yard. After food and drinks we set out on the next “hike” through town to see downtown. There was a long stretch of shops and eaterys through town and on the other end we landed in the warehouse district. A building there called Warehouse Market had a list of stores inside including art galleries, shopping (wood & cloth and Darling Bontanical Co were favorites) and some good freaking coffee (BLK\MRKT ) We headed back through town on some different streets and enjoyed the Bay views.

Originally we planned on staying till dark and heading home at the girls bedtime. We have quickly learned not to get too attached to plans when we are doing things with the babies as they tend to dictate which direction the path will take us. We decided to head back and on the way make a pit stop for coffee on the other side of the state in Bay City. Harless + Hugh Coffee was adorable and had great design. Made me wish we had more time and energy to explore this city more. With each trip to Michigan, we fall in love with it more and more. I look forward to more travels, memories and exploring in the state up north.

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