My Husband, B.S.N



In case you didn’t know… I met my husband at work. I was a nurse and he was the new cutie nursing assistant on the cardiac floor that we both to this day love. He was in the beginning stages of nursing school when we started dating and I’m happy to announce he has officially finished nursing school and can now add to his credentials= B.S.N.


He is waiting to take the state test. There is a gap between graduating and getting your access to sign up to test to get a license, SO. WE. WAIT. BUT… I didn’t want to wait to celebrate him graduating. Nursing school is no joke and through the last three years I couldn’t be more proud and at times a little annoyed with him. This boy made it look easy and I assure you, it’s not. He has exceeded in his role as a nursing assistant and I know he will as a nurse too. He has already been accepted to start in the critical care fellowship at our hospital in Columbus, OH and will be guaranteed a job on a critical care unit once the 16 week training is done.



This weekend our dear friends, Noah and Nicole (pictured above), offered to host a graduation party at their home and we took them up on it. Friends and family came to eat, drink, smoke cigars, play cards and all around enjoy Ryans company. He has been MIA a lot over the last three years between marriage, twin babies, full time nursing student, army reservist and working full time in the hospital. Thank you to everyone who made it over to make him feel loved and celebrated.







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