Autumn Turned 30


Last night we had girls night! This always is a favorite time of mine. There is a group of girls I’m friends with that goes all the way back to 6th grade, its precious to say the least. We all have a lot going on and its proven to be challenging to make time for each other especially kid free but our favorite red head of the group (and the only) turned 30 the beginning of JULY. To emphasize the all caps, its now the end of AUGUST. None-the less we finally committed to a night out to celebrate her big 3-0. We all grew up outside of Granville, OH and have come to love the charm it holds. If you are a central Ohio dweller and haven’t been, I highly recommend taking the time to stroll around Granville.

IMG_6240We started the evening at The Buxton Inn. If you haven’t heard, its haunted. Its been around since the early 1800’s. That old chilling vibe is part of why it is so beautiful. I had called ahead to make reservations for the “Greenhouse Room” and got denied. When we got there and the place was just about vacant I understood then why the host had replied, “you should be good.” I have to admit, I loved that it was dead and the room was full of only our chatter and shenanigans. We finished dinner and drinks, took a short tour around the Inn and headed out.




Taco Dans was the next stop. It used to be a consignment shop and apparently a lot of the left over goods were upstairs. My pal Emily didn’t hesitate to show interest in such a treat and before I knew it, the bartender was unlocking the door and upstairs we went. Truly, if you love anything old, odd, vintage… this was the spot. We rummaged through all the goodies and felt like we needed all of it. The only piece purchased was a children’s book about color and awkward facts. (for example, raw meat is red and then brown when cooked?)

IMG_6252IMG_6253There was a lot of laughing, talking, confessing and picture taking. This blog has become my favorite way to remember nights like last night and beam at knowing these girls have been my friends for over 15 years. We all turn thirty this “school year” so look forward to  a post on each ones celebration, no matter how late!

Happy Big 3-0 to you Autumn Bottom. We love you.


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