Deep Creek Lake | Maryland |Mics Bachelorette Party

These pins screamed the brides style, see more of this cute shops stuff here.

This past weekend was all about our favorite bride to be, Michaela. Guys, she is seriously da bomb. She has always been a source of friendship that can’t be cloned in another soul. So before I get all weepy thinking about how much I love her, lets talk about this rad location we stayed. Welcome to Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County, Maryland and no I am not kidding when I say it was only 4 HOURS away from Columbus, Ohio.



Sadly, due to cold and rainy weather we did not get to enjoy the outdoors as hoped. We did our best to make up for it inside. Friday night (Cinco de Mayo) we did tacos/margaritas, gift opening and fun bachelorette inspired games. Saturday was lots of lounging around, watching the Kentucky Derby, yoga class (thanks Sarah), hot tubs and dinner out at a local spot.


I would recommend this spot for any occasion. I hear its good for skiing in the winter and obviously it would be magical in the summer for boating/swimming. It was the perfect distance away from Columbus to feel you got away and not be exhausted from travel.


This weekend was the precursor to the celebration to come in a couple weeks when our girl says “I do.” and becomes a “Mrs.” Life has been so full with you around. Full of late night Law & Order, full of aimless car rides simply for the best conversations, full-time roommating,  full of sharing all music that speaks to our souls, full of confessing the depths of our sins in complete safety, full of always needing the lights off in the house, even when my husband is reading his book, full of learning how to adult together, full of co-parenting MY cat, full of somehow knowing what each other are thinking with no words exchanged, full of late night Wendys chicken nuggets and lastly full of late night pizza (Tombstone Garlicbread). I can only be full of happiness looking back at our friendship and will love watching you and Wes continue to develop your own go-to’s that make each other full. You have and always will feel like home to me and through it all, be my person.





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