Kissimmee | Florida

Whew! This was a short trip filled with a hodgepodge of events. This was our first trip long distance with the babies and after back and forth wagering the pros and cons of travel options we opted to fly. This ended up being more expensive but saved us 16 hours in the car one way and with the extra time saved we were able to fit in a visit to my dad and step mom who live in Cape Coral. Come to find out, our babies are decent travelers. Ryan and myself both wore the babies through the airport (with an ergo carrier) and each held a baby during the flight. We checked the bulk of our stuff with baggage claim (including carseats and stroller). This left just the babies and one personal carry on each. The flight was just over two hours long and the babies had the same routine each way. Fed before leaving for the airport, changed diapers at the airport, took a nap during take off, woke up and wanted food, then played the rest of the trip. A great tip a mom told me was buy new cheap toys for travel. Even at 9 months old the babies kept more interest in something new.

First stop, Cape Coral. My dad and step mom hadn’t seen the babies since their visit north after the babies were born so this was a sweet treat that we could fit in a visit. My dad has a pool so we made an event of it and took the babies swimming for the first time. BABIES IN SWIMSUITS.. need I say more?

The next day we drove a little north to Kissimmee to meet up with my mom, step dad and siblings. We were all in Florida to watch my brother play in his last Quidditch tournament with Ohio State University. Any HP fans out there? Well, for those who think I just spoke another language; Quidditch is a sport based off the Harry Potter series. Now, I was a fan of this series but even I felt a little silly the first time I watched this fantasy world being brought to life. However, once you get to watching and understand the rules, I’ve totally been guilty of getting into it.


Last day was spent just enjoying some family time in the sun. The place we stayed also had a pool so we made our way over to get some more pool time with the babies. Any parent out there knows what I’m talking about; vacations don’t look like they did as a single individual. Before, my days were revolved around getting a tan and finding a cute new place to grab food or a drink. Now they rotate around feeding and napping schedules. However, for those in-between times, seeing my husband swim around with our baby girls trumps all those things of the past.

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