Top Etsy Shops for the New Mom

So I am a huge fan of Etsy. Seriously the cutest, most unique and specific stuff can be found there. Artist and collectors from all over the world can put their work out there for you to buy. Im a full supporter of small shops and have decided to share my top favorite Etsy shops specifically for the new mom.

1. LouLouMade / Bobby Covers

This company has the best bobby covers! I mean…. some things I just HAD to get two of because I couldn’t decide on a favorite. I went with black and white prints for my own but kept them spunky and fun, almost as fun as the prints above that scream summer to me.. Bonus, if you are searching through all their prints, you might run across a picture of Hattie or Hazel


2. LittleNuggetRepublic / Headbands

My everyday go to casual headbands are from this shop. These simple headbands come in a ton of solids and patterns. I have them in their diaper bag to throw on when we go out so I don’t get that awkward, how old is HE? Plus they don’t seem to bother the girls heads and add just the perfect cuteness to every outfit.


3. illyandmommy / Pacifier Clip

When I said Etsy is from all over the world I was not exaggerating. I have fallen in love with this little shop half way around the globe. All the way over in Germany there is a shop that is making THEE cutest pacifier clips. These hand painted wooden beads have grabbed at my heart and I wish I could just buy Every.Single.One. of them! Also can we talk about how many nicknames there are for a pacifier?


4. ShopLuLuandRoo / Sweats

I will be ordering another round of these Beach Shorts this summer for my girls. This shops sweats for your infant/baby/toddler/kid/ and YES adult… are the softest and lets be honest.. cutest style of sweats. Also these made the best gift for my sweet friend who is having a Cali boy this spring.. board shorts for the win!


5. CammiandCo / Headbands

Guys, this shop is no joke my favorite go to for bows, especially for the dressed up days. A few important things to know… The headbands keep as the baby grows. In a pinch the owner got two bows sent out to me in time for our family pics and MOST importantly they are thee cutest and best of quality work.

And for the next week CammiandCo is offering an 20% off coupon for my readers. Just use code FRUITSOFDUST and order away.

Below are some of our own use from these shops. Hope this helps some of you new moms get a head start on fun stuff to have when that little one, or two arrives.




3 thoughts on “Top Etsy Shops for the New Mom

  1. You are so sweet to feature us at @littlenuggetrepublic! Your twins are absolutely darling! One time My daughter was called a boy even with a dang headband on! seriously! If I don’t know the gender of a baby, i just say “how old are they?” Thanks again!



  2. Such a nice blog. I know I sell lots of products to mom’s from my Etsy shop as well. Etsy has everything you could ever want and some!
    Stopping by from


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