Progressive Style Valentines Dinner

Every Valentine’s Day should be spent with your friends. This is the conclusion after this years version on the holiday. A clever friend pitched the idea and last minute the plans were set. Three houses, all on the same street would host the different stages of a dinner. First-Apps/Drinks, Second-Dinner/Drinks and Third-Desert/Drinks  (see any common theme here?) Also, any excuse to host and decorate is a good time in my book, below are some snaps of the staging for the night in the Baker household. I’m a sucker for any and all holiday decor


The quote used is from one  of my favorite songs by The Avett Brothers

There were 7 couples who partook in this shindig. Crazy Ohio gave us decent weather so most of us met at my house, being the last stop later, and walked down to the first. This walk was the first of many times through the night I felt overwhelmed with joy and gratefulness to have a community of friends that I do… not to mention all living so close together. My two bestests friends literally live on the same street as me.. Who gets to say that in life?



Each house had its own perfect theme, aromas and overall comfort to offer. The food was delicious but seriously the company was the bomb. Dinner was the longest stay. This was the second moment of being awe struck at how lucky this gal was to have all these crazies around me. Laughing at stories, eating delicious food, drinking even better wine.



My house was last… we have a bunch of drink snobs  in our crowd so we made sure to have some winner cocktails and a trifle that seemed to be a hit. As the night came to an end, the last moment came when it all stood out. These people. In my home. I get to do life with?


Next year on Valentines Day, or any day for that matter. Have a progressive style dinner with your people. It is just the best.



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