Wombmates to Roommates

One of the many things I was excited about when I realized I was pregnant was planning a nursery. Any excuse to design a room, I’m in. At first I worried… what do you absolutely need two of with two babies. I read all kinds of blogs and got all the answers.. “you need two of this… you don’t need two of that.” So, it seemed like this was going to be more of what I thought we needed two of and as they grow.. be able to adjust based on what they seem to want or need. With that said, in designing a nursery we really didn’t double up on almost anything except the cribs. Even those, we are just now using regularly (at past 6 months old).


We live in an older house and rooms are big enough for our family… but theres no designated master. So to comfortably fit two cribs and the rest of the furniture I deemed necessary, we actually switched bedrooms and I’m happier with the way things fit.

To choose a theme, well thats a commitment I was having trouble with. I was picking pieces all over the place… southwest/vintage/modern/girly/babyish/neutral…rabbits? You can see how this was impossible to explain to anyone who would ask… “so, whats the nursery theme”. If I HAD to label it, I think southwest theme fits the closest.



Most the furniture (everything but the glider chair my bestie loaned) is IKEA, including the bookshelves. Those were an IKEA hack my mother in law showed me and loved how they turned out. Between IKEA, Target and Etsy most the room was able to be done. Some of my favorite finds are sourced below.

  1. Animal Prints – Etsy
  2. Neon Heart Light – Target (similar)
  3. Cribs, Changing Table, Dresser – IKEA
  4. Circle Shelf – Target
  5. Morrocan Rug– Rugs USA
  6. Be Kind Banner– Etsy
  7. Crib Sheets– SpearmintLove
  8. Quilt – Anthropolgie

It’s been fun to go outside the box of what a nursery looks like and use things like a black accent wall, a picture of a bunny bum and neon heart nightlight. Truly though, all the heart felt gifts are what made this room feel complete. The girls first bibles, hand painted sign with the same prayer my mom said with me when I was a little girl, stuffed animals and books from all the people who loved these girls before they were even here.


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