Family Photos with Ashley West

I think our photographer gave us almost 200 photos back after our first family photo shoot. Guess how many the babies smiled for….. ONE! Thats right, and really it’s more like HALF of one because only one baby smiled. But, I couldn’t be happier with them and thought I would share some of my favs from the day.


The picture above is the one picture we got a smile. I’ll take it. Thanks Hattie girl.

Below is a good summary of the girls mood for the day…and….. “I’m done.”

I LOVED loved loved this location. Our photographer knows all the cute hidden gems. This one was behind Hoover Dam Reservoir in Westerville. These trees and that cute little fort were grabbing at my soul. I always feel cheated when I didn’t know such a beautiful spot existed right around the corner.





I think I have a thing for black and whites. They are just so timeless, don’t ya think?




Ok, I tried really hard to not add all of the 200 pictures and grab favorites from each scene. I am always blown away by Ashley West Photography. She did our engagement pics, wedding pics and now first family shoot. You could say we are fans of her work 🙂





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