Babies Are Home &…

I have to admit, I was not upset that we were in the hospital a little longer than the average c-section recovery stay. I just knew when we got home, it would never look like it did before. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it either. These little babies were sure to take over   eventually, but how different would it be? Let’s just say…. babies got home and…

Had to get this swaddle from CovetedThings, simply put and most accurate.

All joking aside,  everything is different. My body. My personal space. My sleep. Time for Ryan. Time for family. Time for friends. Time for shopping. Time for browsing pinterest. I didn’t realize how self indulged I was pre-baby, thank god they happened. Babies really are the best change. All of a sudden, there are new routines being made. New environments to accommodate babies needs. Sleeping in my bed; with only my husband and maybe the cat present doesn’t feel possible again, ever. Can I be a bit dramatic at times? Luckily, I have had thee best support from Ryan, family and friends and it’s proving that it will take a whole army of people to raise these girls and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here’s bonus pictures of the girls who have taken over.



Love these organic sleepers, by L’oved Baby!



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